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Shakarpara/ Khurma

Shakarpara Recipe- How to make shakarpara

Shakarpara/khurma is a sweet, crispy, flaky Indian snack made of sweetened dough, fried and dipped in sugar syrup.

I love how a same dish has various names in different regions of India. I think this is what makes us diverse yet so well-knitted together in food, tradition and culture. I knew this as ‘Shakarpara’ all along my life and got to know that it’s other name ‘khurma’ only recently.

We as Indians are obsessed with snacks, each and every corner of India continues to uphold the sweet tradition of making their own snacks. As much as well love street food as well as gourmet dishes, we love to indulge in our very own home-made snacks. And, what festival season is complete without these? They are the perfect accompaniment with tea, perfect for the chai-time gupshup. And, Diwali around the corner, what better time to make this? My love for sweets in not unknown anymore, these treats assure that I’m loved back <3 Make these and believe me you won’t be disappointed.


The recipe is extremely easy, the only thing that matters is the right proportions of ingredients and that’s about it. The dough for this has to be kneaded as hard as possible and it will not come together in the end. You have to take a fistful in your hand and try to make a huge ball out of it by pressing it close and moving it in circular motion. Make a disc like shape and keep it aside. The quantity of ingredients should make about 3 huge dough discs, you can make another disc with the sides that you cut while shaping perfect cubes. Pardon me for not putting the pictures but my both hands very busy, I have to make these soon again with somebody in sight to take pictures for the steps. But, I hope the steps should be self-explanatory and easy to understand 🙂


All Purpose Flour/Maida- 1/2kg
Sugar- 1/2cup (powdered)
Oil- 11/4cup + for frying
Water- 1cup

For the Syrup
Sugar- 21/2cup
Water- 11/2cup


1. Mix the Apf and oil well, add in fine powdered sugar. Mix well.
2. Slowly add water bit by bit and save 1/4 cup to add at the last.
3. Mix well with both hands and make the dough as hard as possible.
4. Take a fistful of dough in your hand and shape it like a disc. Add water if required.
5. Roll out each disc keeping it somewhere between 1/2inch thick.
6. Cut it into cubes and repeat the process with all the discs.
7. Heat oil in a wok, once the oil is hot, fry the shakarparas on a medium flame.
8. Once it changes color but still remains whitish or pinkish, transfer onto a plate with absorbent paper.
9. For the syrup, transfer water and sugar in a deep bottomed pan and let it come to a boil.
10. Let it cook until it comes to a 3 string consistency or when it starts to feel sticky(test it with your fingers)
11. Switch off the flame, transfer all the fried shakarpara into the sugar syrup, quickly toss it well so it coats well before getting cold.
12. Quickly transfer it on to another dish and let it cool completely. Store in an airtight container & Enjoy!

Tip: If the shakarpara breaks on frying, wet your hands and wet the shakarpara carefully without disintegrating them. Then continue with frying 🙂

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