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Sewai Ka Halwa- Eid Special

Sewai Ka Halwa

Sewai ka Halwa- Rich, aromatic and delicious! Sewai preparation is must in Indian households at Eid, this one is a crowd pleaser.

Eid is around the corner so I though it would be perfect to share a dish that can be tried and savoured this eid. This sewai ka halwa is my mom’s speciality. Sewai is prepared in many ways and each family has their own recipe. All of these include sewai/vermicelli, milk, khoya, ghee and dry fruits. It is the dissimilarity in preparartion that makes all the difference.

This is a family recipe that my mum learnt from my naani(grand-mum) and I have only eaten it at my household. And this particular one is easy to prepare and tastes absolutely delicious. Although, it is nothing fancy but the fact that we can shape it into katlis makes it look very presentable. It can be stored for a couple of days and like any fudge, you can shape it into square or diamond cuts. This also ensures portion control and it is easy to store as well.

For this recipe, we need very fine sewai, the Benarasi roasted sewai. This is different than other sewai, it is thinner than hair and it is also called Benarasi Chhatta(beehive) as the bundle of this sewai looks like beehive. Benarasi sewai is a very special variety that adds a delicate flavour.There is a difference between sewai based on region as well, the benarasi sewai or the variety is avaialble in UP, Bihar, Delhi is much different than the one available in south India. The North-Indian variety is made with All Purpose Flour and the South-Indian variety(that is locally called vermicelli) is made with rice hence the change in texture and taste. My dad recalls that my grandmum used to get sewai made at home, they had the small machine and it was made with whole wheat flour mostly.

Coming back to the recipe, you can take any other sewai also but it should be fine and roasted. This is important as the sewai has to come together and that will not happen if it isn’t thin, fine variety. You can choose any slightly thicker as well but you won’t be able to shape it but nevertheless it will remain as delicious. I have used homemade khoya for this recipe, I had posted the process in my last post. You can click here for the entire process. Now, let’s go through how to make the delicious sewai ka halwa.

Sewai Ka Halwa

Sewai Ka Halwa

Sewai- 250gms
Milk- 1ltr
Khoya- 200-250gms
Ghee- 2-3tblspn
Clove- 7-8
Cinnamon- 1 stick
Cardamom- 3-4
Orange Food Color- 1/8tspn (optional)
Raisins- a handful
Cashews- a handful (chopped)
Chironji/Charoli- 1tspn (optional)
Pistachios- for garnish
Almond- for garnish

1. Crush and dry roast sewai in deep bottomed kadai. Remove.
Benarasi Sewai Dry Roast the Sewai
2. Heat 1tblspn ghee and add cardamom, cinnamon and clove.
Heat Ghee Sewai ka Halwa
3. Add Sewai and mix properly, add milk.
Sewai Ka Halwa Sewai Ka Halwa
4. Stir it till the milk is absorbed by the sewai, add sugar.
Sewai Ka Halwa 13532911_10154775267027119_2635708453909414616_n
5. Grate Khoya, if your khoya is not firm add directly and stir till it is well incorporated.
Sewai Ka Halwa
6. Add ghee again, mix. Add food color dissolved in 1tblspn milk.
Sewai Ka Halwa Sewai Ka Halwa
7. Meanwhile grease a plate/tray with ghee. Add dry fruits and give it a final stir for a couple of minutes.
Sewai Ka Halwa Sewai Ka Halwa
8. Transfer all the sewai onto the plate/tray while its hot. Grease the bottom of a small bowl and press it to make it smooth.
Sewai Ka Halwa Sewai Ka Halwa
9. Cut in any desired shape and garnish!! Serve it anytime 🙂

*I like to add dry fruits at last to maintain its crunch, you can add while adding khoya.
*This can be made ahead of time and can be stored in the refrigerated for a couple of days or at room temperature as well.
* This recipe can be halved if you want to make in lesser quantity but stick to the quantity to get the perfect katli/shapes.

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