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Malpua- Bihar Style (Whole Wheat Malpua)

Malpua- Bihar Style (whole wheat version)

Malpua- An Indian pancake that is must at festivals in India. Malpua is not only served as a dessert but it is a popular snack as well.

Malpua is extremely popular all over India especially in the northern and eastern region. There are different methods of preparing Malpua, the major difference being sugar added in the batter or malpua later dipped in sugar syrup. In Bihar, this is an absolute must during Holi, the Bihar version has the sugar added to the batter. Some of the ingredients also differ with area, some use coconut, banana or yogurt. Adding Rabri also lends a rich taste to the malpua.

This is the Bihari version that has banana and the sugar is added to the batter. The addition of banana makes them extra-soft, fluffy and moist. Usually these are deep-fried until the sides become crisp and the centre remain soft. I shallow fry them but you can do as you like 🙂 To make it more healthy, I use whole wheat flour and it tastes so good. You can make it with all purpose flour as well but why compromise on health when the whole wheat version tastes so delish, try it for yourself!

Mulpua is a must at my place during Ramadan and it is easy to whip up anytime, it is the perfect evening snack. Usually I prepare a dessert each day in Ramadan for iftaar and I try to make a lot of traditional Indian desserts such as Meetha/Shahi Tukda, Malpua, Mungauchi, Zarda, Sewai Ki Phirni, Jalebi or a variety of Halwa. These malpua are super-easy to make and hardly takes 10-15min including the frying time.

How to make malpua


Whole Wheat Flour- 1cup
Sugar- 2-4tspn
Banana- 1 (ripe)
Milk- 1 cup
Fennel Seeds- 1tspn
Raisins- a fistful
Dry Coconut/khopra- 1tspn, Sliced (optional)
Oil- for frying

1. Heat Oil in a heavy bottom Kadai/wok, meanwhile prepare the batter.
Malpua- Bihar Style
2. In a deep bowl, chop and mash the banana with the help of a whisk.
Malpua Recipe How to make malpua
3. Add sugar, mix well. Add whole wheat flour and mix. It will be lumpy.
Malpua Recipe Malpua
4. Slowly add milk and mix well. Make sure there are no lumps and it is of pouring consistency.
Malpua Recipe How to make fluffy malpua
5. Add fennel seeds and raisins.
Malpua Recipe Malpua
6. Pour the batter with the help of a ladle and fry until done.
Malpua Malpua
7. Transfer on an absorbent paper, serve!

Malpua- Bihar Style
Note: I don’t like coconut in my malpua hence I skip, you can add it when you add raisins.

Do share your feedback if you make it 🙂 Cheers!

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