How to Make Khoya/Mawa at Home

How to make Khoya/Mawa at home

Khoya/Mawa- I would say, it is lifeline of so many Indian Sweets, and even savoury stuff includes Khoya/Mawa. It is nothing but reduced milk that adds richness to any dish.

A variety of dishes are made with khoya/mawa such as Gulab Jamun, Peda, Pedukia, Barfi, Kalakand, Laung Latta, chandrakala, most of the halwa and many other sweets. Making Mawa or Khoya is considered time-consuming and often bought from outside. But, I would say its one of the easiest thing if you’re doing something in the kitchen, say preparing a curry, chopping veggies or something else. All you need to do is look at it at certain intervals. Cooking is something that I enjoy to bits and I have never looked for shortcuts. But, in today’s busy life we tend to look for shortcuts when it comes to cooking. But, should we at the cost of our health?

I generally make everything at home from ghee, mawa, paneer to pizza bases. especially when these are so easy, even for a first timer 🙂 I feel what can be made at home should be made at home provided we have time. If we’re making tradition sweets such as halwa, it is almost a must. Because we never know how adulterated stuff like mawa can be sometimes!! I made these for preparing Sewai Ka Halwa which will be my next post, watch out! So, without much fuss let’s us see how it can be made easily at home.



Full Fat Milk- 1ltr

1. Transfer milk into a deep, thick bottomed pan.
How to make khoya at home
2. Let it come to a boil, simmer it and keep a wooden spoon on top as shown in picture. This will ensure that it doesn’t spill.
how to make mawa at home
3. Let it cook, it will thicken slowly. Keep stirring at intervals.
4. You’ll see bubbles forming as it reduces, keep stirring and scraping from the sides.
5. Slowly, it will come together, if you want a runny mawa for directly adding to your dish. switch off the flame.
6. For slightly firm, bring it all together and keep stirring for 5-10mins until it forms a nice solid texture.
7. Let it cool and use as you like!

Note: It will stay good in the refrigerated for a day or two. For longer period, you can freeze it. Thaw at room temperature and use as you like 🙂 If you wish to prepare sweetened khoya, add desired amount of sugar.

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