Classic French Toast

French ToastClassic French Toast- French Toast is a dish that is known to have existed since 4th Century, its longevity proves that it had stood the test of time and came out as a winner. This is by no means authentic and I wouldn’t claim to make one until I taste how it is in France. This is perhaps the best way an Indian can toast it and it needs no rocket science to whip up this one.

It has been eons since I posted here and I have missed this space like anything. Hence, I am back with something that I cherish to cook and eat, on any given day. You’d be wondering what is so special in a French toast or what does it even take to make one. I know its super easy and that gives it more reason to be here.

I am not quite sure when and how was this introduced and embraced by the Indian populace en masse. I have grown up on this albeit just as a snacking alternative but I have adopted it as my go-to breakfast option. The aroma that wafts around my house is no less than enchanting and eggs being my favorite makes it even more special. This is the most basic version of French Toast, would be sharing couple of other variations as well. Let’s get started with this quick and simple recipe.

French Toast

French ToastIngredients
Bread- 8 Slices
Egg- 2
Milk- 1/2 cup
Sugar- 2tblspn
Salt- a pinch
Cinnamon Powder– 1/2tspn
Vanilla Essence- 1/2tspn
Butter- As required
Honey/Maple Syrup- For the drizzle
Strawberry- Chopped/slices

1. Take a deep bottom dish and beat egg, sugar, cinnamon powder and salt.
2. Add vanilla essence and milk and keep the batter ready.
3. In a non-stick pan, put 1/4stpn of butter, dip a slice of bread in batter.
4. Shallow fry on medium heat, flip when one side gains color, fry until it reaches desired color.
5. Repeat the process for all slices.
6. Place in a plate, drizzle some honey/maple syrup, berries of your choice and enjoy hot!

Note: Don’t dip the bread slices beforehand as it will soak up all the batter and it will break. Not to mention, it will consume a lot of time to cook as well.

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