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Ande Ka Halwa ( Egg Halwa)

Egg HalwaAnde ka Halwa is the technical Indian dessert, enriched with saffron and other dry fruits. Making these melt in mouth, succulent halwa is easy if you follow the recipe. It is much like baking a cake, where you have to get the basics right and yeah to see if this halwa is done you’ve got to prick a knife. Now you know why I say, it is similar to a cake.

To make a perfect Egg halwa, you need to beat the eggs very nicely preferably with a blender till they form beautiful clouds of foam. Ande Ka Halwa has got to be my most favourite halwa, I eat half of it before setting it up to shape into katlis. Yes, you can have it like any other halwa also but the best way to eat it is to shape it into katlis.

Ande ka Halwa Recipe
So here I am with my favourite Indian Dessert. It does not require much to make it, just a handful of ingredients and your full attention. Yes, these beauties demand it, in return you are going to be surprised when you taste these delicious pieces of love.

Ande ka Halwa

Preparation time- 20 minutes
Cooking time- 1 hour


Eggs- 12
Sugar- 250gms
Clarified Butter(ghee)- 200gms
Khoya- 200gms
Saffron strands- a few
Cashews- 25-30gms
Raisins- a handful
Almonds- few, to garnish
Food colour- a pinch (optional)
Milk- 2 tspn


1.Separate egg white from egg yolks in two different bowls, eggs yolks doesn’t require much beating. After you separate, beat the egg whites until frothy. Beat egg yolk in a separate bowl.
2.Powder the cashews in a mixer and keep aside. Take warm milk and mix saffron strands.
3.Take a thick heavy bottomed pan or kadhai and pour the beaten egg white, beaten egg yolk, clarified butter, sugar, cashew powder, food colour and switch on the flame and stir it continuously.
4.Add khoya when they come together, mostly after 10 minutes of stirring.
5.Add raisins when you’re almost done. The halwa will leave ghee when it is done, check by pricking knife in it.
6.Once done, you need to set it in a large flat utensil, grease it with ghee and pour the hot halwa and press with a base of a steel bowl.
7.Once you press it and they come together, divide it into katlis. Let it settle for 3-4 hours and garnish with almonds. You can have it like other halwas also if you don’t want katlis.

Note: This halwa requires your full attention, so if your hands get tired by continuously stirring it, switch off the flame and come back after sometime to do it but while making it, you have to stir continuously or it sticks to the pan.

Tip: If your katlis don’t set because they become dry and powdery put back in the pan, take some milk, preferably half cup and add 2tspn sugar and add to your halwa. Once it gets mixed and your halwa is wet enough, set it immediately.

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